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Attraction marketing stems from my experience of integrating the Internet with direct sales. I love to work as an independent contractor. I never had the desire to work for a big company in an office from 9 to 5. The commute hassle was something I wanted to avoid.

Thankfully, I’ve been able to own my own business all but one of my working career years. My independent focus was developed through my years on the pro tennis tour. As long as I was generating income through winning tennis matches I was able to continue this lifestyle.

After the tour, I completed a master’s degree in Intercultural Studies, teaching tennis part-time. After my one-year office stint, I coached tennis full-time. I soon realized that being in the top 150 in singles worldwide as a player didn’t mean much as an instructor. I basically had to start at the bottom of the coaching “ladder.”

I liked working with kids, but I didn’t feel I had the coaching knowledge to take them beyond a certain level. The other option—to feed balls to league players up to 9 o’clock at night (after their work day)—wasn’t what I wanted to do for the rest of my life either.

A friend first introduced me to a direct sales program that distributed nutritional products. I learned a lot about marketing and nutrition over the five years that I did “old school” networking. After struggling to make this "offline" market approach work, I decided that style of marketing wasn’t for me.

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Over the next seven years I started a non-profit charitable organization, wrote a book called The Amazing Adventure, Discovering the New Me!, produced a radio show and a music CD, and built this website about Bud Cox tennis. I've been able to generate quite a bit of traffic and interest regarding my tennis coaching method. SBI can help you succeed with internet marketing.

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