Tennis Tips to Help Your Game

The sum total of Tennis Tips can equate to playing better tennis. These tips are on a variety of topics including sports injury prevention, physical therapy information, tennis video, and tennis ball machine. Pick your area of interest and see what information you can glean.

Sports injury prevention is key if you want consistency and longevity as a player or coach (it’s difficult to coach injured players!). The best way to prevent injury is to be perfectly anatomically functional (skeletal structure in correct body alignment). This will insure less stress on muscles and joints. Maintaining or recovering this form can be achieved through a variety of means.

If you are injured, the first few hours are critical in the treatment. Ice is my preferred initial treatment option. I learned this through my experiences in the university “training room” and on the pro tennis tour through the staff trainers. I have personal experience in dealing with multiple injuries. I hope this physical therapy information will help you.

Tennis video is one of the most powerful tools to use as a player or coach. Dartfish and other video analysis softwares allow you to analyze technique between players. The side-by-side comparison helps you match your technique to the model. It can help you see where you need to improve your technique to match the top pro players.

The tennis ball machine is an essential tool in the training of students. Sports Tutor has several models of machines. I've used the Tennis Tutor Plus model. It costs approximately $2000, and the benefits have been well worth it. The support department at Sports Tutor has also been very helpful. They’ve walked me through a few issues to keep my tennis ball machine running in peak condition.

These are just a few of the potential "tips" that could be discussed. If you have other areas of interest, please let me know and I'd enjoy incorporating these into the site. Tennis is a broad sport that is enjoyed across many cultures, and it touches many aspects of life. That's one reason I like to incorporate a variety of areas of interest on these pages for your use.

*The opinions expressed on this website and in these tennis tips are not those of a medical professional. Please seek medical advice for specific conditions requiring medical attention.

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