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Hi and welcome to ACE Tennis Coach. My name is Charles "Bud" Cox. I’ve been around the game for forty-five years—at one point I was blessed to be ranked in the top 150 in singles in the world and in the top 65 in doubles. Whether you're a budding pro, seasoned veteran coach, or beginning student, I welcome you on this journey with me to become an "ace" in our sport.

Funny thing is, for a lot of the years I played I had slight flaws in my technique and in my tactical and mental approach to the game. That's why I'm passionate about helping others with similar challenges. Most of the players that come to me have at least one, if not many more, of the same technical glitches, tactical deficiencies, and mental challenges. (You can see some of the technical issues in the “before and after” videos on the “tennis student” page.)

So what has changed with my tennis game and coaching? How can I help you get the most out of your game or in your instructing of others?

I began coaching tennis in 1989 after I left the pro tennis tour, and I was certified as a tennis coach in the early 1990's. But the traditional approach didn’t help me develop my students beyond a certain level. In 2005, I learned more in a short period of time with The Alliance for Coaching Excellence than I had learned in all those years of playing the game. I immediately applied what I learned to my own game and have been developing top junior players since then.

There's no guessing with Dartfish video analysis, a valuable tennis coaching tool for my students. The use of a tennis ball machine as a training aid also accelerates the development of various aspects of the game. This website also provides sports injury prevention and physical therapy information.

A nine-year-old boy constantly "scooped" his forehand. After only one tennis lesson of applying several tips he was crushing his forehand with topspin. Another forehand success story came from an adult student. After his first lesson he commented, "That's the best I've ever hit my forehand in all these years."

I'll respond to your “tennis tips” questions and comments the best that I can and write about various topics on the site...

* Why Wimbledon is a slam favorite

* Rafael Nadal is good on clay AND grass because of his speed, passing shots, and left serve

* How to play tennis from scoring to strokes

* History of tennis and its place in the modern game

* Tennis equipment like the tennis ball and tennis racket, and where they came from

* Tennis news about the latest entry into the Tennis Hall of Fame

* How Juan Martin Del Potro won his first slam at the tennis US Open

* Who will dominate the ATP tennis and WTA tennis in the coming year?

* Which tennis tournament is the player’s favorite?

* Athlete nutrition is important to success on and off the tennis court

* Are certain tennis ball machines better than others?

* Is the tennis backhand important to learn at an early age?

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