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Here are some of the articles I've written for past issues of Inside Ace Tennis:

#1) How Rafa Nadal Dominates on Clay Courts
Rafa Nadal is currently dominating the clay court season. I’ve always admired his fight. Now I’m seeing a lot more than just fight. Will Nadal dominate the clay court season again this year? Can anyone challenge him? These are the big questions as he added to his amazing 147-4 match record on clay with wins in Monte-Carlo, Barcelona, and Rome.

#2) What Style is Your Tennis Forehand?
Okay, the big question—what style is your tennis forehand? Do you have the classical style forehand that I grew up with? This is a low to high linear swing with a "neutral" stance. Or, do you have the modern forehand with an open or semi-open stance, using the rotation force of the core as you swing away from your body?

#3) Tennis Junior and the Chair Umpire
Junior tennis has its own unique characteristics in the world of tennis. These are kids we're talking about. They're learning how to play the game. And, they're learning how to be social and deal with adverse situations. See what happens when you throw a chair umpire into the mix.

#4) Tennis Backhand Technique With One or Two Hands
Do you have a one or two-handed backhand? If you are just starting the game I recommend learning the two-handed backhand. You'll be able to "get it" more quickly. If you already have a one-handed backhand it can become a big weapon for you. The extra reach and leverage with the swing and contact point can put pressure on your opponent.

#5) Roger Federer Winning the French Open is Big for Tennis History
Roger Federer is being proclaimed by many as the greatest player of all time. What do you think? You could go through all the numbers and statistics comparing him with Laver, Sampras, Borg, and Agassi. Each of these players did some amazing things during their careers.

#6) Tennis Serve Technique
Watch the players at Wimbledon and see how important the serve is. They have to hold serve or the other player will have a big opportunity to close out a set or match.

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#7) Tennis Tournament Competition for Junior Players
Have you ever wondered what it takes to play in junior tennis tournaments? This article lays out the steps that one takes to compete at this level. Georgia and the Southern section have their method. I'll highlight two of my students to help you see the potential that can be reached.

#8) The Sirtuin Gene, Activated by Resveratrol, Can Propel Your Tennis Game Upward
Why do the French have less heart disease and cancer, even though many smoke and eat fatty foods? Researchers discovered the red wine they drink has the ingredient Resveratrol, which may provide protection from these life-threatening diseases. What about the French tennis players - do they have an advantage? I doubt it if they're trying to get Resveratrol from red wine.

#9) Tennis Doubles Strategy for All Players
Tennis doubles strategy is needed to get to the next level. The pro-like tactics are the same whether you are an adult league player or a junior competitor. The only difference is the mobility factor, which may be more limited in the lower levels. Otherwise, emulate how the pros play in order to get the most out of your doubles game.

#10) Turmeric Curcumin Can Help Keep the Swine Flu Away and You on the Tennis Court
The inexpensive ingredient Turmeric is a great anti-oxidant and detoxifier. The spice contains the extract Curcumin, which is the strong yellow ingredient in curry that does wonders for your immune system. Why put your tennis game (and life) at risk with the Swine flu and other viruses when you can take "first strike" preventative and precautionary measures with the simple ingredient Turmeric.

#11) Juan Martin Del Potro Stuns Roger Federer for His First Grand Slam Win at the US Open
You have to give Juan Martin Del Potro credit for upsetting Roger Federer at the US Open, but how did he do this. Wasn't Roger in complete control of the match after winning the first set and being up a break in the second set? There was a definite opening that Roger gave and Del Potro took advantage of it.

#12) Sunscreen Use for Tennis Players
Sunscreen is essential to keep the UV rays off our skin while on the tennis court. Most sunscreens do a good job of this, but there may be other dangers lurking. It's important to know what you are putting on your skin because of the many toxic ingredients that are in personal care products. We need the vitamin D that the sun produces, so maybe we need to limit our use of sunscreen.

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#13) Indoor Tennis for Harsh Weather Conditions
Winter is approaching and finding some indoor tennis would be nice (if you’re facing cold temperatures). Why freeze and play with balls that don’t bounce if you can play indoors. It can be worth paying the required fee to get in some good practice.

#14) Glucosamine for Tennis Player’s Joints
Glucosamine has been used for many years for its natural anti-inflammatory effect. When combined with certain vitamins and minerals it becomes that much more effective.

#15) Metabolic Syndrome Is the Big Obstacle to Weight Loss From Tennis Play
You may not be familiar with Metabolic Syndrome, but almost one quarter of all Americans have this condition. One of its main symptoms is weight gain, so if you’re like many you may have had your “battle of the bulge.”

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