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Tennis news is big business because between the ATP Tour and WTA Tour there's a tournament just about every week. And of course you have the four grand slam events, Wimbledon, French Open, US Open, and Australian Open This is when the world especially takes note of the players, their results, and the game in general. The mass media converges on these events.

Wimbledon is played just outside of London, so this major world class city is host to the masses of fans and journalists. This event, like the other three grand slams, is played over a “fortnight.” The two weeks at Wimbledon takes a break at the traditional middle Sunday. There are no more rain out thanks to the retractable roof, which amounts to indoor tennis. BBC Tennis is on site reporting all the action.

The French Open is commenced during the springtime in Paris. The weather can be warm, or it can be cool. It can be windy and difficult for the players, and it can be calm and idyllic. The French love their championship and the news stands are a buzz, especially when the national players are winning. At this point the men’s and women’s tennis rankings are starting to take shape for the year.

The US Open is played in late summer. With the New York skyline in the background this major event has a flavor all its own. It’s the “people’s championship,” because the two week event draws people of all ethnicity and socio-economic backgrounds. The matches are played late into the night and ESPN Tennis, among other news outlets, is right there reporting on all the action.

The Australian Open tennis news is important because it is the first major of the year, and each player is attempting to get off to a strong start. It's summertime in Australia, so the fans come out in droves ready to support their favorite players. The heat is less of a factor now that the retractable roof is a reality. The media reports the action from down under in the city of Melbourne. Later after the event Tennis Magazine will feature a nice highlight spread.

Besides the four grand slams there are nine 1000 Series events (on the men's tour), which have pretty much the same players. The top players play these events, and the field is deep and complete. The thirteen 500 Series have a few less top players but obviously the tennis is amazing to watch.

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