Tennis Student Savy Before and After Instruction

Tennis student Savy is highlighted in this Dartfish video analysis side by side a pro tennis player before technical instruction in October 2008. This is followed by Savy’s advanced technique after one hour, three weeks, and two months of coaching with Charles "Bud" Cox.

I met Savy at a local tournament and immediately noticed his strong desire to be an exceptional tennis player. His father told me that Savy loved the game and could use some private coaching. I told him about my coaching background. He said he’d give me a call to set up an evaluation lesson.

Savy’s forehand technique was good in that he kept his racket hand to the front side of his body. However, his arm was too bent at contact. At our first one-hour lesson he began to extend away from his body with a straighter arm at contact. He also began to rotate from his left leg to the right side toward the ending (he's left-handed).

Savy’s backhand technique was similar to the “low to high” form. I taught that technique for many years until I started watching the modern game. Notice that the pro tennis player (next to Savy) has his racket head up to the sky. This allows him to increase the racket speed as he swings toward the contact point. We want Savy to keep his right arm straight as he as it goes away from the body and across the chest to assist the linear aspect of the swing.

Executing the forehand and backhand volley well is critical for net play. Savy hit the forehand volley with the racket head down and the ball behind him. After showing him the forehand volley technique, he kept the racket head up and extended out in front to the ball. On his backhand volley, he dropped the racket head on the ending, so we corrected that.

On the serve, Savy opened his palm to the sky in the “trophy” position (like many kids), so we worked on keeping the racket "like a hammer." He also turned the racket face too much just after contact, so we did several pronation drills to develop the correct movement. Tennis student Savy comes to practice with the desire to get better. He has moved through all stages of muscle memory in a short period of time. We’re continuing to work on his footwork and movement. He’ll grow into better balance as he develops physically.

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