Resveratrol May be a Great Anti-aging Solution

Resveratrol is the ingredient that may activate a dormant anti-aging gene called Sirt1 (the first gene of the Sirtuin genes) in the human body. Some amazing studies have been done—first with yeast, then with laboratory mice. Scientists are beginning human studies with this ingredient that could “turn back the clock.”

Living a healthy life beyond the age of 100 sounds too good to be true, right? The mice that were given resveretrol along with an unhealthy diet lived thirty percent longer than mice given a standard diet with no resveretrol. The first mice were more active and energetic. (Notice that there are several spelling options for this new phenomenon, but it's all the same ingredient.)

Resveretrol is found in red wine. This nutrient comes from the skins of grapes. The “French Paradox” describes how the French have a lower rate of heart disease even though they eat more fatty foods. The answer may be in the wine they drink.

The only problem is, you can’t drink enough wine to get the high concentrations of resveretrol needed to see the real benefits. Even if you could drink that much wine, the alcohol content from “hundreds of glasses” wouldn’t be good for the brain cells.

Scientists are trying to make a synthetic pill that would have the effects of resveretrol. 60 Minutes with Morley Safer, ABC Nightline with Barbara Walters, and Oprah with Doctor Oz report on this “discovery.”

There are many resveretrol supplements on the market. These won’t have any of the negative side effects that a synthetic chemical drug might have if it gets released to the public in the next five years. The supplements come in tablet and powder form. These can sometimes “clump up” in the digestive track, and not get absorbed. Also, most of these products have a small amount of resveretrol, so you have to shop wisely. Liquid resveratrol is up to “200 times” more absorbable. A supplement needs to be “nano size,” so it is more bio-available in the digestive process. Then it will go into the cells more readily. Resveretrol can potentially help with energy and weight loss. It might also help slow down the spread of diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

Tennis players can benefit from the anti-oxidant properties of this ingredient...much less the anti-aging effects as we're on the courts for many hours under the blazing sun.

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