The Sirtuin Gene, Activated by Resveratrol, Can Propel Your Tennis Game to New Heights

It was discovered that a certain gene called sirtuin is activated by a red wine ingredient called resveratrol. This gene is normally dormant, so we need a way to "switch it on." Scientists have discovered that resveratrol can turn on this anti-aging chemical. There's an enormous amount of science behind this-more than 2700 studies on resveratrol.

Resveratrol comes from the skins of grapes. It is a substance in red wine that is recognized to protect the heart. It is believed that in high concentrations it could significantly extend life by preventing a number of age-related illnesses. Living into our 90s or over 100 with excellent health sounds too good to be true. Think of the age group tennis that we could play...85s, 90s, 95s :)

This gene helps produce an enzyme that lengthens the cell life by repairing its DNA genetic material. This enzyme is normally produced when the survival of a cell is threatened by starvation, exposure to germs, or bombardment by solar ultraviolet radiation. It activates the body's defenses against diseases like Alzheimer's, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Resveratrol works in the cellular level. It helps energy levels by supporting cellular activities as they repair the body as it "corrodes" with age. It supports the cell as it goes in and gets rid of the clutter that has developed in the cells. Bottom line, resveratrol is believed to give you a cell that can function much better.

How do you get resveratrol? You could drink "1000 bottles" of red wine each day. Problem is, how are you going to drink that much red wine? Even if you could, it would be best to get a concentrated dose of resveratrol without the brain cell destroying alcohol, especially as an athlete.

The synthetic version will take "years" to release to the public. (And who wants to take a synthetic version of the natural substance?!) There are many brands of natural resveratrol supplements on the market in tablet, powder, or liquid form. The liquid form may be more bio-available and assimilate into the body more readily.

Resveratrol can be a key ingredient in athlete nutrition. Why don't you give some a try? It might just be the difference in winning that close match, much less, experiencing better health for life.

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